Team Presence

This article describes how to download a specific dashboard pack. You can download dashboard packs from and learn more about how dashboard packs work here: Dashboard Packs.


This dashboard displays an overview over the location of your team (office or home office), and also gives an overview on the teams status (available, offline, busy, presenting and so on).

How do I import and configure this dashboard?

  1. Ensure you're using SquaredUp DS v5.4 or above.

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  2. Configure and run the client script.
    This dashboard relies on a client script that creates one JSON file for each person you want to display. You need to configure the script with the values for your own Teams environment and then schedule it to run on the Teams server machine.
    Note: To update the JSON file, simply leave the client running, it will update teams status when the logfile changes.
  3. Download and import this dashboard pack.

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