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This article describes how to download a specific dashboard pack. You can download dashboard packs from dashboards.squaredup.com and learn more about how dashboard packs work here: Dashboard Packs


This dashboard demonstrates how the same base SQL query could be used with each of SquaredUp DS's visualizations. Each SQL visualization slightly modifies how the data from the OperationsManagerDW database is presented to target user requirements. For example, a Status Block to quickly show health or a spark line to show how something has changed over time. The same data source, seven different SQL visualizations!

How do I import and configure this dashboard?

  1. Ensure you're using SquaredUp DS v5.4 or above.

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  2. Download and import this dashboard pack.

  3. Replace the connection string in each of the seven SQL tiles with the connection string to your own OperationsManagerDW database.
    1. Edit the tiles by clicking the Edit button.
    2. Open the connection panel.
    3. Enter the connection string global:dw.
  4. Publish the dashboard.

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