How to use wildcards in metrics

When two objects have the same counter name, but different object names, you can display them on the same performance chart using wildcards.

For example, SCOM collects different CPU metrics depending on the server OS version.

On Windows Server 2012 and 2008 R2 SCOM collects:

Object: Processor Information

Counter: % Processor Time

And for other versions it collects:

Object: Processor

Counter: % Processor Time


Use an asterisk * as a wildcard character with the object name:

  1. Add a new Performance tile and select the type Line Graph.
  2. In scope click Group and type in and then select a suitable group.
  3. In metric type Processor. You will probably see two similar looking metrics as shown below, Processor Information - % Processor Time and Processor - % Processor Time. Select one of these.

  4. Still in the metric section, click Advanced, which will split the metric into object,counter and instance.
  5. Edit the object name to be Processor*
  6. Click done and data for both object types will be displayed.

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