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This article describes how to download a specific dashboard pack. You can download dashboard packs from dashboards.squaredup.com and learn more about how dashboard packs work here: Dashboard Packs.


Sometimes, the hardest thing to deal with when designing a dashboard are date and time fields. When writing a SQL query, getting the date and time to format correctly can be a real pain. What is the current date and time, and how is it formatted? What happens if I want the date and time from 30 days ago? This SQL Page Timeframe dashboard demonstrates how the current date and time are displayed. Each tile on the dashboard does something different with the Date and Time, including an example how the page timeframe in SquaredUp DS impacts the date and time in a SQL query.

How do I import and configure this dashboard?

  1. Ensure you're using SquaredUp DS v5.4 or above.

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  2. Download and import this dashboard pack.

  3. Replace the connection string in each of the seven SQL tiles with the connection string to your own OperationsManagerDW database.
    Note: This dashboard requires a connection to SQL Server, but any database can be used. To make things simpler, the Master database was chosen, but the target database can be changed as needed.
    1. Edit the tiles by clicking the Edit button.
    2. Open the connection panel.
    3. Enter the connection string global:dw.
  4. Publish the dashboard.

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