SLA tile


The SLA tile displays gauges showing the availability of SCOM objects, such as servers or applications, based on your SCOM Monitor Service Level Objectives (SLOs).

How to configure an SLA tile

  1. Before the SLA tile can be used, you must have one or more Monitor SLOs created in your SCOM management group.
  2. Add a new tile to a dashboard or perspective and choose the SLA tile.
  3. Scope:

  4. SLO selection:
    Click on the drop down list and select the Monitor SLO from SCOM that you wish to use.

    The slo selection drop down only lists the Monitor SLOs from SCOM.

    SquaredUp DS does not support Collection Rule SLOs, or the unmonitored state which should not be ticked in the Monitor SLO configuration.

  5. Timeframe:
    This is the timeframe over which the SLA will be calculated. Hourly aggregated data will be used if it exists for the whole of the interval, if not then daily aggregated data is used.
    You can either choose a specific timeframe or allow the tile to adapt to the page timeframe.

  6. Style:
    Here you can define how the SLA gauges are displayed.
    tile (large SLA gauge, more details, useful for a large impact wallboard):
    inline (smaller SLA gauge, list format to display more objects):
  7. Visualization:
    Allows you to remove the status icon, label or SLA gauge.
  8. Label:
    Allows you to change the label next to the status icon. You can also create a custom label (see How to use Custom Labels).
  9. Click done to save the tile.

    The tile now shows data according to your settings.


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