Enterprise Applications - How to map an Enterprise Application using VADA

The article describes how to dynamically map your Enterprise Application (EA) using Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA) in Discover mode.

An Enterprise Application (EA) can be made up of 3 elements:

To find out more about Enterprise Applications see How to create an Enterprise Application.

Discovery is powered by lightweight, point-in-time, on-demand discovery data using a 'Filter In' methodology, where you choose what you want to put on your map, everything else is excluded by default.

  1. Click the map components button to get started.
  2. Manually add your first server / component by typing in the box, and selecting it from the SCOM search drop down.
  3. Discovery runs automatically on any server manually added to the map and / or on the server hosting any component manually added.
  4. Discovered components are shown. Grayed out processes have already been added to global filters. No discoveries are put onto the map yet.
  5. Select a process and click add to add all related discoveries to your map. Or click filter to add it to global filters.
  6. Upstream connections are closed by default, but you can expand these if you wish.
    To find out more about how to use VADA Discover mode see Visual Application Discovery & Analysis (VADA).
  7. The Options button allows you to change any of the default settings:
    Create TCP monitors
    On by default, this creates TCP monitors on specified ports form all computers in each group to all computers in the dependency group.
    Create monitors
    On by default, this creates monitors for Windows Services included in the application.
    Hide group links
    Off by default, toggle this to On to hide group links when in view/analyze mode.
  8. Before you can save your application map you must ensure that each group (blue box) is named. (Save is disabled if there are any untitled groups).
  9. Click save at the top of the page.

The health of objects on the map will not roll up to the overall health of the Enterprise Application, but will be shown on the EA dashboard when clicking the view dashboard button.

If you are having problems with application mapping see Troubleshooting Visual Application Discovery and Analysis (VADA).

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