Authentication with the System Center Operations Manager server was unsuccessful


A user sees the following message when trying to logon:

"Authentication with the System Center Operations Manager server was unsuccessful"


This message means that either:

  • The user trying to log on is not a SCOM user and is therefore unable to authenticate against the SCOM SDK.


  • The SCOM server specified is incorrect or inaccessible and therefore SquaredUp DS cannot communicate with the SCOM SDK.


If others users can log in:

Check that this user is a SCOM user. Check in Active Directory Users and Computers that this user is a member of a group that has permissions to access SCOM. Commonly used roles include Administrator and Read-Only Operator, but users with other roles - such as Read-Only Operator, Operator, Advanced Operator and Author - may also log on, see Who can log on to SquaredUp DS?.

If no one can log in:

Check that the SCOM server specified is correct and that the System Center Data Access Service is running on that server:

  1. On the SCOM server open Server Manager > Tools > Services and right-click on the System Center Data Access Service and click start or restart. Then test again.
  2. Run notepad as administrator (File, Run, type notepad, and then right-click and select Run as administrator) and then open the scom.json file that is in your SquaredUp DS folder in the following path:

    If you are using high availability (HA) check the scom.json on any SquaredUp server.
  3. Update the value next to server-address to the correct SCOM server name, for example:
    "server-address": "SCOMServer01"
    Where SCOMServer01 should be replaced by your SCOM server name.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Recycle the SquaredUp DS application pool in IIS in your SquaredUp server(s).
  6. Check that you can log in to SquaredUp DS.

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