Open Access: Some tiles on the Open Access page are not shown

SquaredUp DS v5 - Regenerate

Rerun the generate option for that dashboard, from the top right-hand menu ☰ system > open access click the generate link next to that particular Open Access dashboard, as described in Troubleshooting Open Access (v5).

SquaredUp DS v4 - Increase the OA ajax complete wait time

You may need to increase the time between the dashboard being loaded and snapshot being taken.

  1. On the SquaredUp server, run Notepad as administrator (StartRun, type notepad, and then right-click and select Run as administrator).

    With Notepad in administrator mode, open the openaccess.json file from the following path in the SquaredUp DS folder:


  2. If openaccess.json is blank or only contains {} then add the following:
        "oa-ajax-complete-wait": 5000
  3. If openaccess.json already contains settings, then you will need to add a comma at the end of the previous line to look something like this:
        "oa-loopback-base-url": "https://hostname",
        "oa-ajax-complete-wait": 5000
  4. Save the file.
  5. In IIS recycle the SquaredUp DS application pool for the setting to take effect.
  6. You may need to adjust the time in milliseconds. If not specified, the default for oa-ajax-complete-wait is 1000 ms.

For more help see Troubleshooting Open Access (v5)

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