Which ports do I need to open in my firewall?

If you have a firewall then you will need to configure it appropriately.

If you are using a high availability (HA) setup, then you will need modify your firewall settings to allow the primary and secondary server to reach the server where the share is located.

Port 80/443

Any secondary servers must be able to communicate with the primary server on port 80 if you access your SquaredUp DS instance via HTTP, if you have SquaredUp DS setup with HTTPS you will need to use port 443.

Port 1433

TCP 1433 must be open between the SquaredUp server and the SQL server hosting the SCOM Data Warehouse. If your SQL instance is load balanced and using a SQL listener, you must open TCP 1433 to that instead.

Port 5724

TCP 5724 must be open between the SquaredUp server and the SCOM management server you want to connect to.

Custom SQL Port

SquaredUp DS will support a custom SQL port for the SCOM Data Warehouse.

SquaredUp DS reads the Data Warehouse connection details from SCOM itself, so you might want to check that these details correctly include the port number. To view the Data Warehouse connection details run the following on the SCOM PowerShell command line:


The results should show the DataWarehouseServerName = <SQL server name>,<port>

If you set up your SQL server as an instance this will by default create a dynamic port, you will need to configure this as a static port in order for SquaredUp DS to access the Data Warehouse.

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