How to configure SquaredUp DS to use a proxy

If you use a proxy server you may get an error when activating SquaredUp DS or configuring an OAuth Web API provider.

This provider has not been authorized (or there is an error with its configuration)

You need to configure SquaredUp DS to use the proxy, as described below. This will configure SquaredUp DS to use the proxy settings from Internet Explorer. For more information see the defaultProxy element article from Microsoft.

Adding a proxy to the web.config

  1. Find the web.config file located in the SquaredUp DS folder.

    Create a backup of the web.config file by copy and pasting the file to a different location.

  2. Add the following XML snippet under the <configuration> section of the web.config file:
     <defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true">
       <proxy usesystemdefault="true" />
  3. If your proxy uses Active Directory for authentication, the responsible team will need to give your SquaredUp DS application pool user(s) access. For more information about identifying the SquaredUp DS application pool identity for each of your SquaredUp servers see How to check and modify the application pool identity.

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