How to upgrade SquaredUp DS for SCOM (in-place)

Upgrading to v6, or from one minor release to another (e.g. v5.1 to v5.2), defaults to an In-place upgrade, as covered by this article.

You can upgrade to v6 from any version of v5. When upgrading from v4.x we recommend you have the latest version of SquaredUp DS v4 installed. Download the latest v4 version here.

Upgrades to v4 or v5 default to a side-by-side install and there are further considerations described in the specific upgrade article:

If you are using multiple SquaredUp servers using high availability (HA) with a load balancer see Enabling High Availability.

Carrying out an In-place upgrade

The steps below describe how to carry out an In-place by simply downloading and running the latest installer on the server where SquaredUp DS is installed.

  1. Before upgrading we recommend you backup SquaredUp DS for SCOM (see How to backup and restore SquaredUp DS for SCOM).

    Any changes made to the web.config such as adding Proxy configuration, will be lost during the upgrade. We recommend taking a backup of this file, so that it can be restored afterwards.

    Find the web.config file located in the SquaredUp DS folder.

    Create a backup of the web.config file by copy and pasting the file to a different location.

  2. Download the latest version of SquaredUp DS.

    Get the latest version of SquaredUp DS for SCOM

  3. Run the installer that you have downloaded.
  4. Leave the default install type as In-Place. Check the correct SquaredUp DS instance is going to be upgraded. You can click edit to see more details.
    For important information about migrating from older versions see
  5. Complete the installer, and open SquaredUp DS.
  6. Login to SquaredUp DS.
  7. Any Open Access dashboards you have will be refreshed, after any upgrade.
  8. When you upgrade to SquaredUp DS v4.6 and above any upgraded dashboard packs will be imported.
    If you haven't made any changes to the dashboards or perspectives being upgraded then they will be overwritten automatically.
    If changes have been made to the dashboards or perspectives in the upgraded packs then you will be shown a Conflicts Detected page when logging in to SquaredUp DS.
    For more information see Dashboard Packs

If you have configured high availability (HA)

If you are using multiple SquaredUp servers using high availability (HA) with a load balancer there are some important considerations to be aware of.

See Enabling High Availability

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